Online-First Summit 2020

When: May 11th - May 14th
Where: Here. This is the website.
What: Build a Recession-Proof Business
How: Live Sessions, Q&As, Expert Panels
Why: The World has Changed

This summit is for you if..

• You lost business due to this economic crisis

• You want to expand, or build new, digital revenue streams

• You are looking to shift to selling online and a LOT

• You want to learn from companies currently thriving

• Your business is being negatively impacted by social distancing

What to expect from 60+ Speakers...

• How to adapt to a post-COVID-19 business world

• How to grow your revenue in the current climate like others

• How to sell your products and services completely online

• How to build a resilient business that can weather a crisis #yes

• How to deeply connect with customers in an online-only world

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Sell Digital Products.

Build an Online Audience.

Make Your Business Social-Distancing proof.

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Day 1: Deep Dives into Growing Online-First Business Models

On the first day, we jump right into how certain online-first companies, and individuals, are currently growing during this uncertain time. Speakers will dive into the structure and execution of their revenue streams, sales funnels, and customer engagement channels. Sessions Include:

• Commerce Going Digital: Best Practices for E-Commerce

• The Infopreneur Model & How To

• Commerce Going Digital: Best Practices for E-Commerce

• Make Money Online as a Creator without Selling Your Soul

Day 2: Acquire Customers & Generate Revenue via Online Channels

On day two we'll dissect online channels: Social Media, Ads, Email Marketing, and Virtual Events. There's a myriad of channels you can use to sell your products and offerings. We'll dive into each while also showing you how to build a trusted brand that your customers care about. Sessions Include:

• All About Local: How to Acquire Customers in Your Own City

• How to Organically Build a Following on LinkedIn

• How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand & World-Class Network

• Creating an Online Brand Customers Can't Stop Talking About

Day 3: How Companies Are Currently Adapting & Expanding to Online-First

Businesses were forced to adapt and pivot, or suffer the consequences, when social distancing hit. How did they adapt and survive while continuing to run their operations? What are hard-learned lessons from the frontline we can leverage? Answers and more can be found in Day 3. Sessions Include:

• How Educational Institutions are Pivoting

• How a Food Company is Pivoting to Online

• COVID-19 and Communication: This is Just The Beginning

• The State of the Job Market

Day 4: Adapting to an Unknown Future & Business Environment

What will the post COVID-19 future look like? How can businesses prepare for the unknown? What are lessons learned from the past that we can apply to the new future? On Day 4, we jump into how to weather this economic downturn, prepare for the future, and adapt to the new normal.

Sessions Include:

• The Future: Adapting to the Digital-First Age as a Leader

• How to Operate a Hybrid Work-force Moving Forward

• Lay-offs: Preventing Them

• Startup Stories from the Front-Line

Why Does This Summit Exist?

It started when Moby was laid off...

We (Moby + Austin) looked around and saw fellow entrepreneur friends lose revenue, have their product or service become obsolete overnight, and frantically hustle to survive.

The world was quickly changing. Massive lay-offs, extreme budget cuts, and grim stories of loss.

But as in every recession, there are businesses which find a way to adapt and grow. In 2020, those businesses will be the ones that are entrenched in online customer acquisition, selling their products and services in the virtual world, and see this as an opportunity to grow. 

Fortunately, we know a lot of people that can help with this.

We're here to help YOU come out ahead after all of this.

Why this team?

Our network of speakers were just waiting for the right opportunity to help. We created it. We have the network, the aptitude, and the burning desire to make a change for the better. We create content, build community, and bring people together here in Austin, TX.

Some of our previous work:

Grow Your Business 2020: Micro-conference

Fire Show Podcast 

Austin Entrepreneurs Meetup

Content Marketing Bootcamp

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Moby Hayat

Immigrant to the US since 2010.
Program Manager since 2014.
Podcaster since 2016.
Event host since 2017.

Full-time entrepreneur as of March 2020 #LaidOff

Fun Fact: I once got chased by a police helicopter. The cops let us go.

Podcast | LinkedIn | Instagram

Austin Larson

CMO of an Inc. 500 company (Top 100, #2 in Austin)
Enthusiast of Marketing, E-Commerce, Operations, and Startups

Fun Fact: Is addicted to obstacle course racing. Is even doing virtual races until social distancing ends. 

LinkedIn | Instagram

CJ Finley

Serial entrepreneur.
Adrenaline junky.
Podcast Host.
Life Hacker.

Podcast | Instagram | LinkedIn


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How do I attend?

Book your place to grab a ticket. After that, take a look at all the speakers and their sessions to see which you would like to attend. Some sessions will be live and some will be pre-recorded.

When does this start?

The Summit is May 11th - May 14th. Sessions starting at 9AM CST - 5PM CST each day. Sessions run back to back from 9AM-5PM. 

What's included in my ticket?

General admission ticket gives you access to all sessions, with replays for 45 days. The VIP ticket is GA admission plus unlimited access to replays for life. Plus some exclusive offerings and swag.

What if I miss a session I want to attend?

Your ticket includes replays. GA ticket allows access for 45 days. VIP ticket allows lifetime access. 

Is there a free ticket?

This is something we heavily debated over. Our mission is to provide an A-Z journey that leaves you with a clear idea of how you can turn your business around, not to combine ad-hoc webinars, interviews, and live AMAs. That information is already available and free. We want you to attend this summit and leave 10X better then you came in. To do that, it starts with a commitment from you.

Who do I reach out for support?

Please email us at moby[at]thefireshow[dot]com.

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