Online-First Summit 2020

Cam Houser

Cam Houser

2 failed startups, 1 huge success ● Demystified entrepreneurship for astronauts and prime ministers


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Actionworks founder Cam Houser was put on this planet to help people activate their potential. He is an entrepreneur, facilitator, and University of Texas professor best known for founding 3 Day Startup, an organization that sparked 15,000 entrepreneurs in 35 countries.

His students have raised $180 million in capital and founded companies such as Timehop (responsible for Facebook's "On This Day" feature), Omise (the biggest payment processor in SE Asia), and Flylabs (acquired by Google).

Cam makes his living teaching organizations innovation—from Apple to GE Aviation to a 100-year old Danish paint company—so he is free to pursue his true passion: helping regular people apply entrepreneurial approaches to live better lives.

Cam also teaches entrepreneurship at the University of Texas, Universidad Rosario (Colombia), and Central Queensland University (Australia).

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